Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanks Jo-Jo!

She's generously giving her followers a $50 gift card, so become a follower today!


belinha said...

Hello Erica!
Here I am to help you with your choice on portuguese soaps!:)
O meu sabonete -Lady’s Tenderness - Founded in 1920, this line has been enhanced with ever most pure and healthy bases. Keeping the same fragrance, this line of soaps doesn’t dry your skin and leaves it perfumed and with a soft touch. An exuberant combination of Art Deco sensuality for your body.O meu sabonte Individual Soap Silver.
With the restyling of an original dated from 20 th Confiança re-launched the Mariposa in a refined and traditional Portuguese packaging. Mariposa embodies the spirit of the butterfly spreading joy over the fields. The soap has an enriched formula with a 100% vegetable base. Mariposa is dermatological tested to respect most delicate skins.

O Melhor is a product range specially formulated for men’s skin care. Translated as “The Best” it includes shaving cream, exfoliating soap and balsam after-shave. The stylish retro packaging is the result of the restyling of an original logo dating back to 1920’s.The strength of this line is reinforced by a back to basics old-school fragrance with notes of musk and marine.This is for ral men!

I can tell you that o meu sabonete(for man) O meu sabonete and Mariposa(for women) have wonderful scent but I can't describe it to you!!My room smells awesome since the company sent it to me.I'm sure you'll love it!Best of luck!

belinha said...

Sorry,I made small mistake!
The soap for men is O melhor!