Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Was God Thinking!?

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Sandy Alemian is an inspirational speaker, author, teacher, and healer. She recently graced me with her book “What was God Thinking?!” The making of this book was very neat. It is actually, in print version, her personal dialogues with God. The book reads as a letter, or conversation, between two persons—certainly not the traditional form or book narrative. Alemian felt Divinely compelled to share the messages she received with the rest of the world.

First, I must state that this book is not religious (in the colloquial sense of the word), preachy, nor does it adhere to any particular denomination. Indeed, this book is generally spiritually; some might call it New Age. Thus, if you identify yourself as a spiritual, but not religious person, this book will speak to you. If you are a legalistic, fundamentalist Christian, this book will probably feel like blasphemy to you.

Though, I also must say, that at times I had to calm myself in order to take the dialogue seriously. When Alemian responds to God with “LOL” or when God tells Alemian to “Go make your chai” I had the initial response to roll my eyes, simply because this is not what I'm used to in Divine narratives. HOWEVER, there were several beautiful, universal messages that really resonated with me. Let's explore those messages.

  1. God = Love

  2. Start every day with connection to God

  3. God's love and peace is enough to fulfill us, but most often we don't seek it out and allow it to fill us

  4. God is always present and always available to us if we seek Him (and it's free!)

  5. Here is a direct quote from the book (I couldn't possibly say it better myself):

    1. “(E)ternal, ageless beauty. . .involves releasing the expectation that you need to look a certain way to be loved and to love. You know people who are beautiful on the outside, but hold something so different on the inside that no outer beauty could make up for it. . .It all goes back to where one is willing to put their energy and attention. Inner beauty, inner peacefulness, inner calm helps the outer more than you realize.” (p. 68). Amen!

  6. Love heals all

Pretty beautiful, right? Thanks, Sandy, for allowing me to experience this with you and share it with the rest of your readers.

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