Sunday, October 30, 2011

flipflop wines: Part 3 - Moscato

Previously I have reviewed flipflop wines and have been 100% satisfied. They are a fairly new brand and have very affordable prices, without sacrificing taste. This time I had the opportunity to taste the Moscato.
Moscato is a white wine, on the sweeter side (but not dessert-sweet), and less dry than other wines. These grapes are harvested in California and are most often recommended for dining with white courses (chicken, lean pork, etc.) though I maintain that whatever tastes good to you is what you should do (taste great with a steak? have it with a steak!). Like most white wines, it is most certainly best served chilled.
This wine was fantastic. It was smooth, light, and crisp. It was incredibly refreshing after a long day of work. This is a perfect summer wine for picnics, barbeques, bonfires, etc. It had light citrus flavors and even lighter floral notes to ensure that they aren't overwhelming. The flavors all blended to ensure a smooth finish.
I'm not the only one who is a fan of this wine. In 2010 the flipflop Moscato earned Double Gold at the 2010 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, the largest, most influential international wine competition in America. In addition, none other than Wine Enthusiast Magazine gave flipflop Moscato a “Best Buy” in the June issue of the magazine. I would certainly agree!


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