Saturday, November 3, 2012

Father of Lights - DVD Review & Giveaway

"Religious spirit is more concerned with what we look like than what we really are."

Jake Deere, Dallas, Texas

I am so pleased to be sharing with my readers Father of Lights,a memorizing documentary by Darren Wilson seeking to display the heart of God.  This 98 minute film moves through visions of the impossible.  Wilson, on a personal journey to film God and understand His character, introduces viewers to individuals receiving God's love in surprising places.  A pastor touches the heart of a young woman in the middle of a booming dance club amidst half naked, gyrating ladies.  A Chicago Christian brings a leader of the Latino Kings to tears while beginning a personal relationship with God.  A former drug addict shares the love and power of Jesus across the world by healing the physically pained.  These and others moments in the film can only be understood as miracles.

Wilson mentions several times in the documentary the love of God.  He expresses frustration in those that preach a God of hate.  In coming into contact with demonstrator in Venice Beach, Wilson asks him if he may be more effective if his approach was loving instead of rebuking.  Though the demonstrator holding the sign something similar to "God hates fags", he felt as if his approach was, in fact, loving.  What this moment captures is the belief that instilling fear in others will bring them to God, when others, such as Greg Boyd from the Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul, believe in AGAPE love.  God is not angry.  As Wilson states, "The truth, as you will see vibrantly in this film, is that He is the most loving, compassionate, and wonderful Father you can imagine."

I am thankful for this film.  I am thankful for bringing me back to the Holiness which is God.  I am thankful for the reminder of His intense, flawless, and enduring love.  I am, again, humbled by His gift of grace--that I am His child and He is my Father and I do not need to earn it.  At the end of this film, I cried.  No.  I sobbed.  I was refreshed and renewed.  I was reminded.  I was brought Home.

"Your love is a light filling my eyes"
Jesus Culture

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Wayne Lecoy said...

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blew415 said...

I have diabetes and went into DKA in 2007, now, I am healthier than I ever been. The scare turned my life around

Anonymous said...

Andrew Safie
We have two beautiful daughters from was a miracle to bring them home!

Cjnedrow said...

We have had many miracles in our family. I was brought back from near death with heart problems and am alive today by the mercies of God.
It would be a blessing to win this DVD and to share it with others.
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Cjnedrow said...

I would love to win this DVD to share with others!
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Cjnedrow said...

I would love to win this DVD to inspire others with it!
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Cjnedrow said...

I would like to win this film because from the review I understand that it is something that would touch my heart and the hearts of others that I share it with.
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