Monday, May 23, 2011

Bengay Cold Therapy Review

Bengay has been providing topical pain relief for over 100 years. Their products can be used for a variety of muscle aches, arthritis, and joint pain. The newest product is the Cold Therapy (it hasn't even hit the store shelves yet!) and, let me tell you, it's great!

I have back problems due to scoliosis and some (ancient) dance injuries. I've seen the chiropractor plenty of times—sometimes it's helpful, sometimes it's not. However, what I've found is that every chiropractic doctor I've seen, state by state, recommends a “freezing” gel (name I will not disclose). I love the gel, but you can't just pick some up at the drug store, it is only sold at professional places such as clinics or spas. Then I feel as if I need to be a patron of their services as well, which is more time, and more money. I just want the magic gel!

I've found my answer. New Bengay Cold Therapy is exactly the product I've been looking for WITHOUT the hassle of going through clinics or spas or being preached about “regular therapy sessions.” (I know, I know, it's helpful, but who can really afford it?) I can pick up a tube while I'm running my errands at Walgreens, Target, or Wal-Mart. Heck, I could even pick it up while grocery shopping!

And, does it work?

It's FABULOUS! It is so soothing. Here's what Johnson & Johnson had to say (because I couldn't say it any better myself!) :

Made with PRO-COOL™ technology, BENGAY® Cold Therapy contains a scientifically created formula that combines the pain relieving power of menthol with the cooling benefits of alcohol to alleviate the minor aches and pains associated with muscle strain, arthritis, backache, bruises and sprains. How does it work? BENGAY® Cold Therapy delivers a blast of cold as the alcohol in the unique formula evaporates, providing a cooling sensation and allowing you to give pain the cold shoulder!

Last...but not least...the very best thing...

It's only half the price of those fancy clinic/spa gels!

What could be better?

So, if you are a faithful user of Bengay, if you are a consumer of any fancy schmancy freezing gels from your physical or massage therapist or chiropractor, this product is your new replacement. Take my word for it, you will love it.